About Me

Hi. Welcome to my website.  I hope to use my blog as a venue to share what I learn about startup marketing and entrepreneurialism.  I also hope to develop these passions into a successful career through continual iterations and experimenting with new tools & techniques.  I am learning as I go and as I learn new hacks or techniques, I’ll be sure to share them here.

'Aha' Moment - Find What Makes Your Product Sticky

Find Your ‘Aha’ Moment. Here are some popular examples.

I like data. I enjoy diving deep into a startup’s metrics and analytics to help discover what makes their product successful. I find it fun decoded the numbers and pulling out actionable insights.  For example, in the early days of Facebook, they discovered that you were much more likely to return if you added 7 friends in 10 days.  For Zynga, the founders soon realized that the gamers who returned to play their app the day after downloading it were much more likely to become a paying customer.

My journey into digital marketing started while I was in law school.  I needed something to distract me from the monotonous study of the black letter law.  While in school I learned how to manage my time and prioritize what is important.

Enough rambling for now.  Feel free to drop me a line or join my email list.