How I saved hundreds of clicks by reverting my Google Chrome User Profile switcher to its original settings

This is one of the stranger posts I’ve written. Not because it covers a nuanced issue. But because it covers a very large pain point that all of my friends complain about but none bother to fix. At first I thought they were too lazy to fix it but after asking around, it turns out they didn’t know how. This post is for them.

Today I will blog about the fact that in January Google updated their Chrome profile settings. If you use multiple gmail accounts, surely you noticed this, yeah? They turned what was once an easy two-click process into a three-click nightmare.  (If you have multiple gmail accounts and don’t already use Google Profiles, then you definitely should start today.)

For those that have multiple profiles setup, did you know it used to be just this easy:

Google Chrome User Profile

The old version of Google Chrome User Profiles was so much easier to switch between them.

But today, to switch accounts, Chrome adds unnecessary complexity:

Step 1 of Changing your Chrome User Profile

step2Step 1 and 2 of changing my Chrome User Profile settings 

Wouldn’t it be much easier to simply skip step #1? The first screenshot at the top is the old way to do things and it is much, much simpler. If you are working with multiple gmail accounts and need to be able to switch profiles quickly, you will understand the value within the first day.  I promise.

How to go Back to the Old Version

Here is my solution that I read on some tech forum (can’t remember where):

Switch back to the old Google Chrome User Profiles

Four simple steps to bring back the old Google Chrome profiles:

  1. Copy and paste this into your Chrome address bar: chrome://flags
  2. Search the page (command+F) for “Enable the new avatar menu
  3. The setting should be Disabled (switch from “Default” to “Disabled”)
  4. Click the “Relaunch Now” button at bottom of page

It is really that easy and makes work that much better. Check out the new profile settings in the upper right hand corner of your site — your avatars are back!

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